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Your Partner ... in interpreting your employees’ exposure data

Do you have years of exposure data? From various sources? In differing formats? Or are you questioning if you have enough data or how much is enough. Our data assessments and trend analysis services are ideal for companies who have a desire to better understand the value of their data or to bring their data together to understand the exposure trends in their work environment. Integrating data sets, including historical exposure data, is a key element in understanding exposure trends and planning resources for implementation of appropriate future sampling strategies and control measures to mitigate employee exposures.  

Understanding the informational power of data sets (including statistical power, analysis of variation and other characteristics) is essential in lowering the uncertainty in assessing workplace exposures. Properly using the data will help assess the effectiveness of mitigation or control efforts, identify trends or problem areas, and help you assess the effectiveness of your programs. With an extensive and efficiently developed exposure database, we can effectively utilize it to identify similar exposure groups (SEGs) and utilize the data to predict exposures for employees performing similar tasks or with similar working conditions.

We combine our technical expertise with technology to provide you with trends that are meaningful to your organization. Our goal is to help you make sound, data-driven decisions to enhance the quality of work environment and protect your workers. Exposure data, when properly organized and assessed, can also be used to compare health data on the same or similar workforces.

Each data assessment and trend project is unique and tailored to your needs. Effective data assessment and trend analysis are an integral component of effective IH programs, with the goal of ongoing protection of workers’ health and safety at your company.  

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