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Job Analysis/Medical Standards

Functional duty analysis and medical standards development are the foundation for effective employee fitness-for-duty programs, including post-offer, return-to-work, regulatory, disability, and concern-related medical evaluations. Understanding the essential functions, including ergonomics for an employee to more safely do their job is key in minimizing injuries in the workplace. Medical standards provide detailed information on the essential job functions and associated medical requirements of a job. Medical standards, utilized as a key component of employee medical exam programs, provide the ADA/EEOC-compliant factual basis for employee fitness-for-duty determinations in the full range of circumstances and ensure consistency of approach across the organization.


SOMA has worked with companies in many industries, including, cosmetics, aggregates, manufacturing, transportation to develop and implement cost-effective medical standards/fitness-for-duty programs, as well as enhancements to existing programs. Our process includes:


  • Development of detailed, job-specific medical standards through the review of existing job data, analysis of job demands and preparation of concise, easy-to-use medical standard documents describing essential job demands and associated medical criteria.

  • Implementation of medical standards through development of, or coordination with existing employee fitness-for-duty exam programs, employer and third party disability managers, human resources/safety staff procedures, and clinic services.

  • Development of additional program forms and procedures defining the use of medical standards and fitness-for-duty processes.

  • Provision of fitness-for-duty program, quality assurance/oversight services including exam review, fitness-for duty-case management/resolution, human resources/safety staff training and consultation, and updating of program elements to ensure cost-effectiveness and compliance.

Benefits of our medical standards & fitness-for-duty programs include:

  • Classification of essential job functions and associated medical criteria in a succinct, standardized format allowing ease of use for fitness-for-duty determination and consideration of job placement based on restriction/accommodation status.

  • Provision of a consistent, efficient and high-quality, corporate fitness-for-duty exam program by use of standard procedures and forms, combined with quality assurance procedures, thereby overcoming the diverse nature of employer-contracted and personal medical providers/clinics.

  • Assurance of efficient and consistent job placement procedures across operating divisions and locations.

  • Medical standards can also be applied in conjunction with your medical examination management programs.

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