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Your partner... in expertly managing your workplace medical issues


Just a call away, SOMA’s physicians and nurses are available to help answer questions related to medical issues that may evolve in your workplace. As your occupational medical advisors, we care about your employees’ health and well-being. With years of occupational health experience, our team guides you through the best way to handle your work-related illnesses, injuries, and exposure risks. Our combined industrial hygiene, ergonomic and medical knowledge enhances your team’s success with a comprehensive approach to deal with complex occupational health issues.  

Whether you just need advice on minimizing risks or dealing with contagious diseases (e.g. emerging flus or other viruses), to complex issues with which you may be faced such as work-related exposures, musculoskeletal disorders, cancer, occupational dermatitis or lung disease, we can help you develop a planned approach.


We conduct risk assessments, provide advice on specific concerns and cases, and develop communication and training plans (both employee or employer focused) to help keep your employees engaged and maintain a healthy workforce.

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