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DOT Certification/Recertification Exam Process Management

Professional Department of Transportation (DOT) drivers are required to get physicals on a regular basis for their DOT certification. For companies spanning a variety of industries - aggregates, utilities, energy, manufacturing and others - SOMA manages or coordinates medical follow-ups and provides medical guidance related to drivers’ occupational health DOT certification or recertification exams, whether as part of an overall occupational health program management or in a more limited capacity.


Since 2001, SOMA has been coordinating management of DOT certification/recertification services for a leading supplier of building materials. With over 5,000 employees and locations spanning 26 states, Nova Scotia (CA) and the Bahamas, we successfully managed over 4,000 occupational health exams; 25% being DOT exams in 2018.  From pre-placement exam review, to case management of medical issues identified, to recertification follow up, SOMA ensured that the medical documentation was in place and complete.


Working closely with our client’s team, SOMA establishes exam protocols with a process that begins with medical standards development and adherence to regulatory and corporate requirements. The exam protocols are then implemented companywide to ensure consistency throughout the organization. When medical conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, sleep apnea and others arise - some of which may disqualify a driver - our in-house medical team works through this, oftentimes, complex process, confidentially with your employee and their physicians. We take on the time consuming burden needed to follow up with the goal of getting and keeping the driver safely on the road.

SOMA also offers a comprehensive DOT program for our clients which along with the certification/re-certification also monitors the DOT drivers that have a medical card. Within the program our medical team, overseen by a doctor and nurses will keep track of the employees that have a medical card. 


We check on changes in their health, encourage them to follow up with the appropriate specialist, when needed, and determine if the employee needs to bring physician-issued records or other documentation to their exam. Should the employee be disqualified; we work with them so they are advancing toward the goal of being reissued their medical card.

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