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Your partner… when you need the expert for your legal cases


SOMA has top quality occupational health (OH) professional staff and associates experienced in litigation support and expert witness services. The complex nature for determining exposure to disease causation makes it inevitable that disputes will arise and litigation may be the only path to resolution. Our highly qualified and credentialed medical professionals provide expert opinions and recommendations supported by years of technical research, experience and current industry standards. Our expertise lends itself to a comprehensive scientific approach enabling us to communicate complex technical and medical concepts clearly, concisely, and completely to a wide range of audiences. We have extensive experience presenting and defending our expert conclusions and opinions in depositions and trial testimony. Our professional legal consultative services include:


  • Professional review of medical records and case documentation

  • Literature search analysis and risk assessment

  • Expert-generated reports covering presence and extent of alleged health problems, exposure assessment, state-of-the-art, general and individual causation and alternative etiologies

  • Exposure modelling and recreation

  • Expert deposition and trial testimony

  • Opposing expert cross-examination review, analysis and recommendations

In many cases, our independent, evidence-based analysis has allowed clients to settle cases without going to court. Our subject matter areas of expertise include asbestos, mold, benzene, diacetyl, lead, toxic chemical exposures and worker exposure assessments.

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