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Health Risk Assessments

Since its inception, SOMA has performed health risk assessments for a diverse set of clients in industries such as biotechnology, manufacturing, global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies, among others. We have assessed potential health risks for employees, as well as potentially-affected communities in close proximity to a client facility.  


SOMA’s typical approach to health risk assessments is to review and evaluate relevant material including available sampling data, scientific literature with respect to potential health effects and toxicology and associated documents developed by government agencies.  Where applicable, SOMA also conducts fact-finding interviews with appropriate personnel to determine if correlations can be made with the onset of symptoms and recent changes in operations. In addition, the assessment also includes investigating the processes and chemicals utilized at the site that could result in exposures associated with the symptoms.  SOMA also evaluates and provides opinions as to whether medical monitoring and surveillance is indicated based on the findings of the risk assessment

In a recent health risk assessment project for a client, SOMA determined whether possible health effects to airborne trichloroethylene/trichloroethene (TCE) exposure represented a risk to employees at the facility.  We also evaluated if medical monitoring and surveillance was required based on the findings. After reviewing the available data, SOMA provided recommendations as well as collaborated with the client in preparing a health risk communication to be provided to the employees. SOMA has also been involved in risk assessments dealing with regulatory activity regarding Diacetyl. Again, following our standardized approach, SOMA provided recommendations to the client to assist in reducing the potential health risk for their employees.  

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