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Your partner... in getting your employees safely back to work


Following a work-related injury or illness, SOMA develops recommendations and strategies to ensure the most timely and effective return-to-work possible by collaborating with your staff and other 3rd party providers. With decades of medical case management (MCM) experience, we’re here to help you navigate the complex regulatory waters and challenges faced when managing employee cases that require time away, modified duty, and leaves of absence.


Our expert, in-depth assessment of each individual situation, along with our experience and evidence-based approach, help you develop and manage a coordinated case resolution plan. We routinely monitor, evaluate, and track the care plan to achieve the best outcome possible. Administrative burdens associated with getting employees back to work can be administratively complex and time consuming. Combined with SOMA’s proprietary technology, our proven MCM process keeps you up-to-date on each case’s progress and in compliance (FMLA, ADA, OSHA, MSHA).

Nurse case managers oversight, in alignment with focused occupational health physician assessment and recommendations, help establish and monitor the process and progress for your injured and ill employees, including:


  • FMLA

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Medical disability

  • Absenteeism

  • Personal injuries and illnesses

  • Return-to-work medical issues including the ADA

  • Job-related restrictions and MMI

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