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Your partner... in designing and managing medical surveillance and monitoring evaluations

Based on the type of work being performed and potential exposures in your workforce, medical surveillance/screening may be driven by specific federal or state regulations, or simply part of your company workforce occupational health requirements. With our vast expertise in monitoring occupational disease in heavily regulated industries, including mining, construction, petrochemical, etc., our team efficiently designs, implements and manages your programs. SOMA’s staff and our best-practices approach keep you in compliance, while ensuring your workers are receiving the right medical attention and optimizing employee health. We navigate and balance the regulatory requirement (e.g. OSHA, MSHA) with needs to minimize overall costs, reduce initial and further injuries and fix or mitigate targeted exposure problems including chemical, biological, physical factors and biomechanical exposures potential in your workplace.


From silica and noise, to many other regulated exposures or company-driven initiatives, let our team apply the necessary expertise and experience to efficiently institute and manage your medical monitoring programs.

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