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SOMAVIP is our proprietary solution developed in 2005 to manage our client's occupational health and/or industrial hygiene programs.  SOMAVIP uses our collective expertise and internally developed procedures and systematic approaches to identify, evaluate, and manage worker health, safety and environmental issues.  SOMAVIP concentrates on quality assurance, standardization, and tracking to completion.


Client Testimonial

"Before SOMAVIP programs, we had trouble getting timely examinations in placement and return to work decisions, or for that matter any employee medical evaluations. With SOMAVIP OH, medical evaluations of ALL types (ADA, FMLA, return to work, pre-placement, respirator fitness, medical monitoring and surveillance examinations), are quickly scheduled and results and decisions are getting back to us within 24 hours, usually an hour or less from the time the applicant/employee leaves the doctors office. With SOMAVIP IH, scheduling, sampling and tracking overexposures and remediation plans has been achieved. And since it is online, our staff receives real-time medical exam and overexposure notifications on our computer screens. The SOMAVIP IH system has given us greatly improved access to exposure data and is helping us reduce exposures to our workforce.”

 ~ Safety Director

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